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Product Management Primer

There are many different functions within a company that require varying degrees of collaboration. Salespeople can often be independent agents selling products to a portfolio of clients while support and operations roles tend to require a bit more connection with the rest of the company. Product management might be the most inherently collaborative as it requires you to get features developed, supported by the entire team and used by customers. It is a role where you have to constantly check-in with the entire company, including and especially customers, to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the overall product direction.

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Counting the ways and whys that blockchain matters

Waves of transformation are happening, and the change is sandpaper dry. Blockchain represents a momentous change in how information is managed, and it will be just as, if not more impactful than cloud computing. The challenge is that understanding it requires consumers to learn about data, a conversation that they're just getting ready for with all the commotion on how Facebook is sharing it and advertisers are infringing on privacy, and business leaders in different industries to wrap their heads around how their computer systems share data with their partners.

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Living up to promises made to customers, PayWithUs built an eInvoicing solution that successfully grew existing customer sales and help generate new customers.

It was 'how' they did this that made the project so successful. By engaging customers early on in the design process and beta launch, they were able to include useful and needed feedback into their agile build process for their commercial launch.

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